Bitcoin Powered Payments

Our P2Nex Platform is still in an experimental mode


Security meets Privacy

The P2Nex platform is focused on the needs of a peer-to-peer payment system. Easy handling of Bitcoins, other Cryptocurrencies and FIAT money in an effcient wallet system secured with SHA-512, the highest possible cryptographic security standard. Full privacy protection combined with innovative features makes P2Nexus the logical choice for peer-to-peer payments.


CryptoToken Gaming

With a P2Nex wallet you can create cryptographic tokens (CryptoTokens) to register, sign-in and play on onlinge gaming sites. Using our CryptoToken you can pay and receive with your Bitcoins real-time in an extremely secure way. You don’t have to provide your private data to the gaming sites. All it needs is the P2Nex CryptoToken for privacy-preservation!


Coming Soon: Debit Card

The future of payments emerges from the integration of cryptographic technologies into existing money systems. Thus we are about to integrate debit card payment systems into our P2Nex platform. Our users will soon be able to spend their cryptocurrency credits in FIAT money online/offline or withdraw FIAT money on ATM’s. Worldwide! Expect our cryptographic debit cards in Q2 2016!