How it Works

What P2Nex is!

P<sub2Nex is an online wallet service like XAPO or CoinBase. And you can P2Nex use as a micropayment services provider (like FaucetBOX) to collect Bitcoins from faucet sites & paid-to-click (PTC) sites.

Compared to other online wallet services P2Nex offers a much higher degree of security (SHA-512 Standard and cold storage facilities) and innovative features. Users of P2Nex wallets can create “Bitcoin Gift Cards” and “Real-Money Gift Cards” which can be printed out or sent via Email. Another feature is the integration of PayPal as a means to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins and real-money.

P2Nex Online Wallet
P2Nex Wallet Menu

Register and Login/Sign in

As with any online service the first step to do is to register. To register at P2Nex please put in your Email address, request the access code/password by clicking the link. The access code will be sent to your Email address within a few minutes. We recommand to change the initial access code after login.

In case you come from a partner site of P2Nex (e.g. and you have already registered over there. To logon you just have to put in your Email address and your password. You can change your password anytime in the P2Nex dashboard.

Create & Set up Your Wallet(s)

Login to P2Nex and you arrive at your dashboard. Left hand you see the dashboard menu. Doubleclick “Wallets” and your wallets will be listed on the screen (if you already have one). To create a wallet simple click on “Add New”.

Give the wallet a name and select a currency. When creating a wallet you have to decide which currency to apply for it. A wallet can only have one currency but you can creat as many wallets as you want for different currencies. You can create a wallet for Bitcoin, US-Dollars, CA-Dollars and Euros (soon more). Simple select the desired currency in the drop down menu of the “Currency” field.

Click on “Save” and your new wallet will be created immediately. The next step is to deposit some currency units on the wallet.

P2Nex Online Wallet
P2Nex Wallet Menu

Deposits to your Wallet

Once you have set up your wallet you can deposit units of the appropriate currency in your wallet. Let’s assume you do have a Bitcoin wallet in your account you would like to fill up with some Bitcoins.Deposit Bitcoins

To do this doubleclick the Bitcoin wallet in your wallet list and go to the “Performe Action …”. Select “Deposit” and you will then prompted with the bitcoin address to deposit you Bitcoin.

Scan the QR code or copy and paste the address string and deposit the Bitcoins from another wallet or ask some friends to do so.